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Summer 2024 Quarterly Classes
07/16/2024 10:00 AM - 09/06/2024 04:30 PM PT


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OSLP Arts & Culture Center
110 E 11th Ave, Suite C
Eugene, OR 97401
United States of America


Registration Page for Summer 2024
Registration opens on May 29th at 8am
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Please ignore "Free Admission." All of our programs have admission fees. Apologies, we are unable to change this headline.
Waiver Statement:


Our purpose is to break down barriers to participation in the arts for people of all abilities and build bridges to a more diverse and inclusive community. One of the ways we do this is by creating a safe, encouraging environment for all participants. This agreement has the benefit of all participants, volunteers, and staff in mind. Please read the information below to understand better what is expected of you as a participant.  Thank you for helping us build a fun, creative space for all!

Respect others:  This includes being aware of our noise levels, the amount of space we occupy, people’s sensitivity to strong scents, and the ways we are communicating.  Please take phone calls and deal with personal matters outside the classroom. 

Food/Drink in the studio:  Please do not eat meals in the studio or gallery.  Small snacks and drinks with lids are ok.  This way we help keep the studio cleaner and possible spills to a minimum. As well as to be respectful to everyone using the space. We do provide cups if needed for water/tea.

Gathering supplies:  We strive to nurture a space of ownership and independence.  As you become familiar with the space, try to gather the supplies you need on your own, as best you can.  That said, please ask for help when you need it! 

Material awareness:  Please use materials with care. In the studio, please use small amounts of paint at a time. It’s best to start with small amounts and go back for more when needed to keep materials waste to a minimum.  Keep this in mind for other materials as well. Thank you! 

Clean up:  Please clean up your area, including tables and floors, before you leave the classroom.  If you’re not sure how to clean your brushes or where materials should be stored, please ask the instructor. 

Art created in the studio:  We would love to show the art you create in our gallery! Your best work will be considered for shows in the gallery and out in the community. If you are interested in this, talk to us about archiving your artwork for an upcoming show.

During the last week of the quarter, whatever is not kept for exhibits, you are encouraged to take home. Whatever you don’t want to keep will be recycled and boards/canvases will be reused.  If you have questions or concerns about this, please ask. 

Art sales:  All artwork displayed in our gallery or community exhibits can be for sale, or not for sale.  All sales will be split 70% to the artists, and 30% to the studio to help replenish supplies.  Arts & Culture staff will choose artwork to be displayed. Artists will need to provide a title and price for their artwork. 

If you have any questions you can talk to any OSLP A&C Staff. 

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